Automate Your Fixed Asset Workflows

By Accountants, For Accountants

Welcome to ZestFA–the “zero effort solution to fixed assets”–where fixed asset management meets innovation. As a cutting-edge SaaS solution, ZestFA is reshaping the landscape of fixed asset reporting, audit, and compliance.

Why ZestFA Stands Out

Give us your trusted reports. We’ll handle the rest.

Features & Benefits

Crafted by accountants for accountants, ZestFA simplifies and enhances the process of moving data into and out of your fixed asset software and other systems in the formats you really need.

Ease of Integration

ZestFA is designed to empower accountants, eliminating the need for IT intervention. Setting up integrations with other systems is straightforward and intuitive, ensuring that you can get started quickly and without hassle.

Effortless Data Handling

Say goodbye to cumbersome manual data manipulation. ZestFA’s intelligent integration capabilities mean that it effortlessly pulls the correct data from the PDF, Excel, and CSV reports you already use, irrespective of the originating systems. This ensures that the data feeding into your fixed asset software is always accurate and relevant. Getting data out is equally worry free.

Dramatic Time Savings

Experience an unprecedented improvement in efficiency. ZestFA’s advanced automation technology is engineered to reduce your monthly fixed asset closing time by 90%, freeing up valuable time for strategic work.

Precision and Compliance

With ZestFA, the accuracy of your fixed asset reports is assured. Our platform minimizes errors and ensures compliance with the latest regulations, giving you peace of mind and reliability in your financial reporting.